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Popular Inverter Brands in India

Inverters for homes and offices

Frequent power outages and increasing mercury levels have made inverters a must-have for most of the homes in India. Power inverters bring a huge sigh of relief for people living in locations where grid-supplied electricity is inconsistent. Inverters have also become very important for offices in India to ensure that the overall business productivity is not affected by erratic power supplies.

Inverters are devices that convert DC (Direct Current) stored in the batteries into AC (Alternating Current) that is required to run electrical equipment and appliances in India. Amongst the various technologies in vogue, Modern Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave inverters produce the most reliable and consistent power wave signal. Sensitive medical equipment use only Pure Sine Wave Inverters for guaranteed performance.

Inverters for home and office generally come in rectangular boxes with a power cord and jack. These inverters are connected to batteries and the main electrical source. When the electrical supply is on, the system charges the batteries to store power and in the event of a power failure, the inverter draws DC current from the battery and converts it into AC to power electrically-run home appliances and office equipment.

There are a handful of popular inverter and UPS manufacturing companies in India that sell different types of models based on wattage capacity and the capacity of an inverter is primarily determined by the type and number of electrical devices it can power. An inverter keeps drawing energy from the battery while in use and therefore inverter batteries should be always in full charge. One must use these inverters and batteries, as per instructions in the product manual, since improper usage can lead to injuries and sometimes electrocution.

Inverters and inverter batteries from many reputed brands have become an essential product for thousands of households in India and are considered high value for money products. And people today buy home inverters online at very competitive prices.

UPS for Personal and Office Computers

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that enables a computer to run when there is a failure in the primary power source. When power surges happen, a UPS intercepts the surge so that it doesn’t damage the computer. For an uninterrupted computing experience, UPS is a must since power failures are common in India.

A UPS comes with a battery that gets activated when the device senses a loss of power from the primary source. In such an instance, the UPS notifies the user with a beep sound and continues to give backup power for a while so that the user can save any data he is working on before shutting down the system.

Popular UPS manufacturing companies sell two basic types of UPS systems in India. ie., Line-interactive UPS systems and On-line UPS systems. Compared with the line-interactive UPS, an on-line UPS avoids even momentary power lapses by constantly providing power from its own inverter, even when the power line is functioning properly.

Popular Inverter and UPS Brands in India

Demoport lists a wide range of inverters, inverter batteries and UPS from popular brands in India such as Su-Kam, Microtek, Luminous, APC Schneider Electric, Whirlpool, LG, Usha, Bajaj, Amaron, Mahindra powerol, Exide, and SF Sonic that you can buy online at Demoport.

Book an Online Enquiry

One of the best advantages of shopping online at Demoport is the option to quickly book an enquiry, get connected to the authorized local dealers of these products in India, clear all your queries, gather sufficient information, get the best prices / offers and then place your order online. Gathering sufficient information from the right sources also enables you to take the right buying decision.

Buy Online at Demoport for the best price

Demoport offers you convenient, safe and secure payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, wallets and Cash on Delivery when you buy products online at Demoport.

Now book, check and safely shop online at Demoport – India’s only Hyperlocal Online Plus Shopping Site.

Inverters and UPS in Chennai

Market for these products in Chennai is growing at a faster pace than it was a decade ago. Today, several thousands of homes and offices are using inverters and UPS in Chennai. Given the frequent power outages and fluctuations in grid supply, these products have become indispensable for Chennai people.

Most of the global and national brands in this product segment have increased the availability of their inverters and UPS in Chennai through appointment of well-trained dealers, direct sales associates and channel partners.

At Demoport, you can book an enquiry quickly and get connected to authorized dealers of inverters and UPS in Chennai.

Inverters and UPS in Bangalore

Demand for these products has always been higher in Bangalore compared with many of the other capital cities. A majority of the households and almost all the offices are using inverters and UPS in Bangalore. Given the regular scheduled power outages, these products have become indispensable for Bangalore.

Most of the global and national brands in this product segment have increased the availability of their home inverters and UPS in Bangalore through appointment of well-trained dealers, direct sales associates and channel partners.

At Demoport, you can book an enquiry quickly and get connected to authorized dealers of inverters and UPS in Bangalore.


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